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Commercial Paver Installation

Business and commercial establishments are very different from residential ones and so the approach routes to the entranceway and the areas around them also have to be designed differently. They see a lot of foot traffic and the use is much heavier. In addition, their look and styling is very different from the one that is required in homes across Upland, Mont Claire and Claremont.

Extensive Reach

Bulldog Paving has handled a number of commercial paver installation projects for customers in and around Rancho Cucamonga, and we continue to do so in a very steadfast manner. When pavers are added to a business courtyard or restaurant patio or any other outdoor commercial space, they add a very warm look to the outdoor area and it also creates a very inviting area for your employees, customers and patrons to work and enjoy in. Just as you focus on the décor of your office, restaurant or any other commercial establishment, it is also very important to ensure that all the outdoor areas are well designed and maintained well too. Thus the materials that you use have to be hardy and low-maintenance. Commercial paver installation is an excellent choice from all aspects.

Different Styling

They look amazingly attractive, are strong and durable, installation is easy and they look good in any space. A number of commercial establishments ask for paving options and we can provide you a range of choices based on your specific taste and the styling of the exterior of your office or shop building.

  • If you like a rustic and classic look, you can opt for brick pavers, these are low maintenance and add to the beauty of any outdoor space. They also lend a lot of sophistication to commercial hardscaping. We can install them for you as part of the landscaping project or can carry out the installation in an existing landscape as required
  • If you want something more solid and natural-looking, you can opt for natural stone pavers. These can also be used in outdoor areas of retail outlets, office parks, hotels and restaurants as well as any other business. They add a lot of functionality to the space
  • If your office building has concrete facing or if the rest of the areas in the landscaping are made of concrete, we can install concrete pavers for you. They look amazingly beautiful and there are number of different designs and finishes to choose from.
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Adding a New Look

Even if you have an existing driveway or pathways that need a new look, we can handle your commercial paver installation with expertise. We understand that you need solutions that can be completed in the least possible time as there should be no impact to your business and we focus on completing the work within the predetermined timeframe.

Bulldog Paving can provide you with design options and ideas. Simply call us on our toll-free number- (909) 476-2450 or drop us a line via our website form. We will contact you in the least possible time, understand your commercial paver requirement and provide you with a suitable quote.

Beautiful Driveways

Pavers are very versatile products. They are used as walkways, driveways, patios, decks, swimming pool areas, outdoor kitchens and pathway coverings and look amazing regardless of the application they are used in. You can choose from different varieties of pavers and the design opportunities are plenty. When you call Bulldog Paving for Driveway Pavers, we provide you with different options and quotes. Beautiful Driveway Pavers We work well within your budget and in the timeframe that has been decided for the project. The solution that we provide for your driveway pavers requirement will be based on the kind of area that has to be covered, the architectural styling of your home, your personal choice and some other factors.

Types of Paver

Our driveway leads to the entranceway of your home and anything that is added to this space should add curb appeal to your property. We also focus on factors like maintenance requirements and then provide you with suitable solutions. There is a range of paving you can choose from:

  • Brick Pavers – These pavers are a mix of sand, fine aggregates, cement & water. They are fired at extremely high temperatures and the final product is very strong, versatile and durable
  • Concrete Pavers – These driveway pavers offer a number of benefits and our customers across Upland, Mont Claire and Claremont ask for these pavers for their homes. They are available in a number of styles, designs and colors and are very low-maintenance too. They do not get cracked or damaged very easily and are excellent in all types of weather. These are also available in interlocking styles that helps in maintaining the integrity of the installation
  • Stone Pavers – These are made of natural stone and have a very rich and rustic look to them. They could be mined from rock outcrops or quarries and are heavier on the pocket in comparison to the brick and concrete ones which are factory made. But these add a very elegant touch are a number of customers in Rancho Cucamonga prefer these for their driveways
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Ease of Installation

All these varieties are available in these interlocking style and they connect very well with the adjacent ones. This interlocking prevents all kind of shifting and resultantly the damage is also lower. Since they last for years, you also end up saving more in the long run. Installation of interlocking driveway pavers is easy as mortar is not required. We have years of experience in installing driveway pavers as well as pavers in any other outdoor or semi-outdoor area on your property.

We provide you with realistic quotes and the best design options. When we install driveway pavers for you, you can be sure that the best quality materials are used and that the best workmanship will be deployed for the work. All our work is perfect in detailing and we never falter on schedules. If you require driveway pavers installed, call Bulldog Paving on this toll-free number (877) 215-6904 and we will provide you with the best quote.

Custom Patio Pavers

Today, there is no dearth of design and material choices when it comes to adorning your home and its outdoor spaces. The latter extend the interior areas of your home and add an allure to them. These spaces like patios and decks also encourage you to enjoy your property in a better way and should be designed with attention to detail.

The Benefits

Since these outdoor areas are also exposed to the elements, you have to ensure that the materials used in them have to be hardy and should also be able to weather the elements Bulldog Paving has been creating the best outdoor spaces for scores of satisfied customers across the Rancho Cucamonga area and we know what it takes to make these areas more alluring and inviting. There are a number of benefits to using custom patio pavers

  • Unniqueness – Every homeowner wants their home to look different and unique. The one way to do this is to have products that have been customized especially for them. We are committed to providing you with solutions that will suit all your designing needs and provide custom patio pavers as per your specific requirement.For instance if you need any particular design created in the paving, we can do that for you. This kind of exclusivity is what customized design is all about and it sets your home apart from the rest of the homes in the neighborhood
  • Ease of Installation – The custom patio pavers that we provide are very easy to install. This means that the project can be completed in the least possible time and there will not be too much of disruption in your home while the work is in progress. This is very important as homeowners are very busy nowadays and need home remodeling projects handled in an effective timeframe
  • Low Maintenance – The pavers that we install on your patios will be very low maintenance. This offers a dual benefit in that you do not have to spend too much time ensuring that they stay looking good and it reduces your maintenance costs and thus become a very financially-viable choice for your patio flooring
  • Easy Repair – Though these custom patio pavers are very tough and hardy and nothing will generally happen to them, in case any kind of repair work is required, that too can be handled very easily. It is possible to get the same materials and we complete the repairs within no time at all
  • Variety – When it comes to customization, variety and design are all-important. That is what adds to the uniqueness factor as well. Based in the designing in your home, we can provide you with different design options and you can also provide us with ideas of the of your own for your custom patio pavers

If you are looking for the best custom patio pavers in Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, Montclair, Claremont or any of the surrounding areas, contact this number - (909) 476-2450 today. Bulldog Paving will provide you with the best options and a quote that will suit your budget to the tee.

Pool Deck Pavers

Numerous homes across Rancho Cucamonga, CA have pools on their property. The spaces around pools, be they on the ground or on decks have to be paved well and maintained properly too. Since there is a lot of water in this area, the materials that are used here have to be chosen with care. The factors that have to be taken into consideration are functionality, durability, and aesthetics.

The Unique Company

Bulldog Paving is a unique landscaping company that provides you comprehensive solutions in and around Upland, Montclair, Claremont as well as a number of other surrounding cities. When you call us with your pool deck pavers requirement, we come and survey the area in detail and understand what your exact requirement and vision for that space is.

We use pool deck pavers of the highest grade and also provide you with a range of design options. The choice is limitless, and you can pick from brick, concrete, or stone pavers. But as mentioned earlier, since there is a lot of water in this area, the material you choose should have a permeable surface and also be slip-resistant. As a matter of fact, these should be one of your primary considerations.

The Benefits

When we install pool deck pavers, we can also treat the surrounding spaces and create planter boxes, raised seat walls, and pillars. Adding a certain amount of recessed lighting to these elements adds to their attraction quotient. Take a look at some of the benefits of these pavers:

  • Strength – The pool deck pavers we use are very strong and can handle all the wear and tear very well.
  • Durability – In addition to strength, they are also very durable. With the specialized installation and sealing technique that we use, you will not have to worry about them for years to come.
  • Low Maintenance – This is a very important factor as homeowners have very little time to spend on maintaining all the expansive spaces on their property. Pool deck pavers made of travertine are very low maintenance which also saves you money in the long-term.
  • Cost-Effective – Though these are very high-grade materials, they are also very cost-effective. We can use the mortar-less installation process if the costs have to be lowered further.
  • Non-Slip Surface – These pavers offer a non-slip surface and you can choose textured ones for all the areas surrounding your pool.
  • Easy Repair – Since these pavers are individual units, repair is very easy too. In case of any damage, only the individual units will have to be replaced. It is also easy to find a close color match for the pieces that have to be replaced.

In addition to all these benefits and high-functionality, pool deck pavers are also available in a range of colors, designs, and patterns and we can also focus on aesthetics while creating beautiful outdoor spaces for you. Contact Bulldog Paving for the best pool pavers on (877) 215-6904.

Walkway and Entryway Paving

The first thing that any visitor to your home, office or commercial property notices is its entranceway, and the walkway & entryway paving becomes a very important part of that first impression. These areas as well as many other outdoor spaces on your home have a great impact in the way the rest of your home looks and should be designed with care and attention to detail.

Beautiful Outdoor Spaces

Bulldog Paving are experts in all kinds of paving and we have years of expertise in this space. We have created beautiful outdoor spaces with different kinds of paving solutions for our customers in Rancho Cucamonga and surrounding areas. Walkways allow you to move from one place to the other and they create clean areas for you to walk around your property on.

When entryways are paved well, they add to the curb appeal of your property and also prevent too much of dust from getting into your home and office.

Important Factors

When we handle your walkway & entryway paving project we ensure that factors like design quality, aesthetics, functionality, practicality, durability, maintenance, and cost are taken into account. This ensures that you are provided with the best possible solution at all times. We keep your budget in view and provide you with realistic pricing and solutions that will suit your individual taste and style.

This customization is what sets us apart from the rest of the paving contractors in the Upland, Mont Claire, Claremont areas. We provide you with a lot of insightful designing support which comes from our years of experience. Each material has some distinct advantages. Based on your requirement, we offer you solutions that will work for you.

If you prefer a natural and classic look we can provide you with natural stone paving. If you like rustic effects, brick paving is a good option for you. On the other hand, if more modernistic styling is what you are looking for, concrete pavers are a great choice. We are very particular about providing you with ideas that will match your style and maintenance needs. We also provide you with shape options such as:

  • Holland
  • Cobble Rock
  • Turf Block
  • Hexagonal
  • Interlocking
  • Uni-Décor
  • Marquise
  • Cambridge

If you have chosen concrete Walkway and Entryway Paving, you will also have a range of colors to choose from like white, charcoal, terracotta, cream and adobe, among others. There are patterns like stack, basket weave, diagonal, stretcher bond, diagonal and zigzag interlocking to choose from. If you are looking for expert Walkway and Entryway Paving solutions, contact Bulldog Paving via our website form or on (877) 215-6904 today. We will provide you with a suitable quote and complete your paving project to perfection.

Paver and Joint Sand Sealing

Pavers are extremely versatile products that are used to cover patios, decks, outdoor kitchens, walkways, paths, and driveways on your property. They are available in a range of designs and styles and many homes use brick, stone, or concrete pavers. Even commercial establishments and business buildings use pavers in the open spaces on their property.

All of This Goes To Show Exactly How Popular This Material Is

But when any material is used in outdoor spaces, it has to also be maintained very well as it has to withstand the elements. In commercial spaces, pavers see a lot of foot traffic and if it is used in driveways, vehicular traffic will also move over it. This is why regular checks have to be carried out to ensure that all the paving is in a good condition.

The one major advantage of pavers is that they are very low maintenance and the one way to ensure that they stay that way is to ensure that paver & joint sand sealing is carried out on the entire installation. This helps in ensuring that the integrity of the structure is maintained at all times and the pavers stay looking new for years to come. Regular maintenance of the pavers also prevents damage such as shifting and cracking.

Once you do all these basic things, it will save you a lot of trouble in terms of replacing them in the future. We handle all your paver & joint sand sealing work and on projects of every scale. Bulldog Paving provides you with comprehensive landscaping services in Upland, Mont Claire, Claremont, and the surrounding areas.

The Benefits

The polymeric sand hardens once it has been moistened and helps in holding all the pavers in place. In addition, it prevents any weeds from growing in the joints. The benefits that this particular service offers you are:

  • Stabilization of Pavers
  • Resists Erosion from Water, Wind, Frost Heaving, and Power Washing
  • Deters Ants and Other Insects
  • Inhibits Growth of Weeds

The Specialized Service

When we handle any kind of paving installation for you, it generally includes Paver & Joint Sand Sealing. This is a very high-grade mixture of graded sand & binder. This very special formulation is used for filling all the joints when stone or pavers are being installed in any outdoor space.

It keeps all the surroundings clean and prevents any sand particles from getting into the house/ pool. Our Paver & Joint Sand Sealing services use the best materials for all your residential and commercial spaces and stay stable for a number of years.

We have successfully completed a number of Paver & Joint Sand Sealing projects for our customers across Upland, Mont Claire, Claremont. If you want all the outdoor paved areas on your property to look clean and well maintained and stay stable for years to come, contact Bulldog Paving today. You can reach us on our toll-free number (877) 215-6904 and we will provide you with the best quote.

Excavation and Hauling

At first glance, landscaping might seem to be about plantings like trees, bushes, and shrubs as well as hardscaping elements and other decorative elements. But the truth is that there are a number of aspects that go into any landscaping project. Excavation & Hauling services are an inseparable part of any kind of landscape installation.

Our Services

We at Bulldog Paving handle all the former with a great deal of expertise, but we also provide all-around services which include excavation & hauling as well. These services are provided to customers across Upland, Mont Claire, and Claremont. These jobs cannot be left to fly-by-wire operators as a great deal of care has to be taken while handling them. We offer a range of services such as excavation & hauling for:

  • Foundations, footings, slabs & piers
  • Converting crawl spaces into full-depth basements
  • Creating deeper basements under you existing home
  • Retaining walls, driveways, parking lots and sidewalks
  • Retention as well as detention structures
  • Trenching and excavation for utility lines
  • Water & sewer installations as well as upgrades
  • Drainage, grading, storm and rainwater-management projects
  • Hauling of spoils from construction sites and transporting them to dumps
  • Hauling different bulk materials to a construction site

The Benefits

When we provide you with this excavation & hauling services, there are benefits such as:

  • Reputation – We are the one company in Rancho Cucamonga that has worked consistently for a number of years on all kinds of excavation & hauling projects and are able to handle residential as well as commercial projects with an equal amount of attention to detail and care. We have a number of satisfied customers who also hire our services based on our strong reputation.
  • Experience – We have extensive experience in this space and all our personnel are run through regular training which ensures that they are up to the mark in carrying out all kinds of excavation & hauling jobs. We also have all the latest earthmoving equipment & every project will be carried out as per your requirements.
  • Quality – We never falter on quality, and consistency is maintained at all times. We ensure that the area is left clean and tidy after the work has been completed to your satisfaction.

The Experts

Every one of our excavation & hauling solutions is customized to your requirements. We work very closely with homeowners, architects, designers, and contractors on residential and commercial projects and ensure that all quality and safety standards are maintained at all times. If you have any hauling or excavation requirements - simply call us on (877) 215-6904.

If you are not too sure about the scale of the project, we will come out to your property, ascertain the exact scope of the project, and then provide you with very a very realistic quote. Our attention to detail and very reasonable pricing for quality services is what has made Bulldog Paving the No1 excavation & hauling contractor in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. You can also contact us via our online form and we will call you right back.