Duarte Esperanza

This beautiful project located in Southern California consists of over 20,000 square feet of unit pavers. Our first phase began with the unit pavers located at the parking lot structure entrance. Once completed, our team transitioned to the Amenity Roof & Pool Deck on the 8th level floor. Our Bulldog team really enjoyed working on this project and making sure our clients’ expectations were met. We believe the most important thing is quality of quantity!

Location: Duarte Esperanza 1700 Business Center Dr. Duarte, CA 91010

Square Footage: Over 20,000 SF


Lower Level:

Ackerstone 6×12 80mm, Color: Ivory & Dark Mocha

Ackerstone 4×24 80mm, Color: Santa Barbra Sandstone. Finish: Shot Blast

Amenity Roof & Pool Deck (8th Floor)

Orco Icon Express Set, Color: Pastello

Belgard 12×48, Color: Noon Honey