Pavers are extremely versatile products that are used to cover patios, decks, outdoor kitchen, walkways, paths and driveways on your property. They are available in a range of designs and styles and many homes use brick, stone or concrete pavers. Even commercial establishments and business buildings use pavers in the open spaces on their property.

PAVERAll of this goes to show exactly how popular this material is. But when any material is used in outdoor spaces, it has to also be maintained very well as it has to withstand the elements. In commercial spaces, pavers see a lot of foot traffic and if it is used in driveways, vehicular traffic will also move over it. This is why regular checks have to be carried out to ensure that all the paving is in a good condition.

The one major advantage of pavers is that they are very low maintenance and the one way to ensure that they stay that way is to ensure that paver & joint sand sealing is carried out on the entire installation. This helps in ensuring that the integrity of the structure is maintained at all times and the pavers stay looking new for years to come. Regular maintenance of the pavers also prevents damage such as shifting and cracking.

Once you do all these basic things, it will save you a lot of trouble in terms of replacing them in the future. We handle all your paver & joint sand sealing work and on projects of every scale. Bulldog Paving provides you with comprehensive landscaping services in Upland, Mont Claire, Claremont and the surrounding areas



The polymeric sand hardens once it has been moistened and helps in holding all the pavers in place. In addition, it prevents any weeds from growing in the joints. The benefits that this particular service offers you are:


When we handle any kind of paving installation for you, it generally includes Paver & Joint Sand Sealing. This is a very high-grade mixture of graded sand & binder. This very special formulation is used for filling all the joints when stone or pavers are being installed in any outdoor space.

It keeps all the surroundings clean and prevents any sand particles from getting into the house/ pool. Our Paver & Joint Sand Sealing services use the best materials for all your residential and commercial spaces and stay stable for a number of years.

We have successfully completed a number of Paver & Joint Sand Sealing projects for our customers across Upland, Mont Claire, Claremont. If you want all the outdoor paved areas on your property too look clean and well maintained and stay stable for years to come, contact Bulldog Paving today. You can reach us on out toll free number (877) 215-6904 and we will provide you with the best quote.