A Natural Look on a Grand Scale

Mega-Arbel pavers give homeowners the perfectly integrated, natural-looking hardscapes they desire. Its scale is similar to natural flagstone and roughly two times larger than Arbel Stone, its smaller counterpart. Plus, installation is easy—cutting is reduced to a minimum due to its ingenious interlocking design.

Colors and Shapes

Actual color and size may vary. To assure your total satisfaction, request samples of the style and color you’re interested in. Available in Northern Ca. (No. Ca), Southern Ca. (So. Ca).

Mega-Arbel Main Module

3 1/8″ x 15 3/8″ x 21″
Mega-Arbel Patio Stone also available: 2 3/8″ x 15 3/8 x 21″ Note: There are 6 different configurations within the same basic footprint.